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My name is Kevin Phillips. I am an art director, designer
& developer living in Sydney, Australia.
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Telstra - 55 Days of Christmas.

Telstra wanted a Christmas campaign that had to start two months before Christmas. It had to link Australia's biggest telco with the festive season, and drive people to Telstra (online and in-store) to discover their special Christmas offers.

We created "Telstra's 55 Days of Christmas, with a Little Extra Giftness." Each day, for 55 days we distributed a unique gift via an online advent calendar. Each gift was linked to a specific Telstra offer. The gifts included fun Christmas guides, themed ringtones, online games and Facebook and smartphone applications. Whilst digitally led, the campaign also encompassed print, POS, outdoor, television, and, even building projections.

Awards & Accolades: Awards to be announced. Online advertising featured on bannerblog.com.au. 125,000 Unique visits to campaign site, 31,000 Presents Passed on Facebook, 84% Increase in Facebook fans. Awaiting award results.

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55 Days of Christmas iPhone App. 55 Days of Christmas iPhone App. 55 Days of Christmas Printable Gifts 55 Days of Christmas Facebook App. 55 Days of Christmas Facebook App. 55 Days of Christmas Facebook App. 55 Days of Christmas Banner 55 Days of Christmas Banner

Qantas - Next Generation Check-in.

Globally, airline traffic is increasing and airports are becoming more crowded. This was problematic for Qantas with longer check-in times and greater queues for customers and staff resulting in higher operational costs. To avoid these costs being passed on to customers and to streamline the journey through the airport, we had to do something about it.

We introduced Next Generation Check-in – a more streamlined check-in process that removes paper boarding passes and bag tags and instantly recognises Qantas Frequent Flyers. Using an RFID Qantas Card and smart chip enabled Q Bag Tag, flight information is captured, synchronised and stored electronically. A virtual walkthrough of the new check-in process educates all tiers of the Frequent Flyer program, as well as non-Frequent Flyers, on the new check-in process.

Awards & Accolades: AIMIA 2011 Best Cross Platform -Finalist, AIMIA 2011 Effectiveness - Finalist. An initial trial was set up at Perth domestic terminal, where Next Generation Check-in now accounts for more than 80% of all domestic check-ins. The new process rolled out nationwide rollout in 2111.

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Next Generation Check-in Card Next Generation Check-in Bag Tags Next Generation Check-in Website Next Generation Check-in Website Next Generation Check-in Website

Vodafone - Christmas Clones.

Be everywhere this Christmas with Vodafone.

Along with our new friend Chris Beaumont at Cubeecraft we gave everyone the opportunity to be with their loved ones at Christmas. People could upload their picture choose a Christmas themed fancy dress costume and become a Christmas Clone. This could then be mailed onto friends who could download and build a little you to be with them over the festive period.

Awards: AWARD 2009 Minisite - Finalist.

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Christmas Clones Christmas Clones Website

Sega - Offset The Evil.

Condemned 2 - Sega's new gaming title - is a horrifically dark and twisted game. It's loaded with violence, blood, horror and murder. This fact had to be communicated to an audience that has "seen it all before".

Solution: Give people the opportunity to offset their "evil footprint" – the terrible mental side effects created only by playing Condemned 2. A micro site was created hosting all manner of sugary sweet content including the three newly created happy games and the delightful musical virals. These allowed users to counteract the horrors of Condemned 2.

Awards: AWARD 2008 Interactive Viral Film, Individual – Lollipop – Silver, AWARD 2008 Interactive Viral Film, Individual – Pony – Bronze, AWARD 2008 Interactive Viral Film, Individual – Clown – Bronze, AWARD 2008 Interactive Viral Film, Campaign – Silver, AWARD 2008 Digital Campaign – Silver, AWARD 2008 Microsite – Finalist, ADMA 2008 Integrated Campaign – Finalist, Cannes 2009 Digital Integrated – Bronze, D&AD 2009 Viral Campaign – In the book, Caples 2009 Integrated – Gold, One Show Interactive 2009 Online Branded Content – Silver, One Show 2009 Integrated Branding – Gold.

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Offset the Evil Website Offset the Evil Website Gamespot Takeover

Black Dog Society - Paint By Numbers.

The aim was to educate people about mental health and once we had them, encourage them to donate. For our work to be a success, we needed to de-stigmatise mental health. As with all prejudice, negativity came from misunderstanding. We therefore wanted people to experience "living in a world without colour" - as one sufferer described it. Online media allowed us to create an engaging, interactive execution that really brought this insight to life. From their own experiences, our audience would know just how devastating a mood disorder can be. Our offer was simple: Help us help them. Donate now.

Awards: Caples 2008 Online – Silver, AWARD 2008 Interactive Banner ad – Finalist.

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Paint By Numbers Interactive Banner
Black Dog Society - Paint By Numbers

Mitsubishi - Evolution.

In 2007, the Lancer got a complete re-design. The new vehicle was sleek, stylish and packed with features. Mitsubishi wanted a website to match. My design used a 3D model (the first on a Mitsubishi Australia site) to provide viewers a fully immersive, online experience.

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Evolution Website Evolution Website Evolution Website Evolution Intro Video
Evolution Website

Qantas - Open Mic.

To leverage the Qantas sponsorship of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, we ran an international competition calling for people with non-traditional talents (in an orchestral sense) to upload a video showing their talent, for a chance to win an expenses paid trip to Sydney. Here, they would experience all of Sydney's sights and delights and jam onstage with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra at an exclusive event.

In as few as three weeks, the competition attracted hundreds of entries, nearly 200,000 additional visits to the Qantas YouTube channel and plenty of wonderfully wacky entrants.

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Open Mic Callout Video
Open Mic Youtube Skin

IBM - Wimbledon.

IBM provides the technology behind the world's best-loved tennis championship. In doing so, they're able to collect and store massive amounts of match information and statistics. To showcase their advanced technology, we placed scoreboards at 6 stations across central London and streamed live, up-to-the minute scores from the courts. This established IBM as a champion for computers and commuters.

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Scoreboard Live Scoreboard Live Scoreboard Live
Scoreboard Live

London Innovation - Stories.

London Innovation specialises in introducing the right university graduates to the right job. To illustrate this in a fun and entertaining way we gave our captive commuter audience a set of short stories. Each story played on the magic that can happen when the right people meet.

Awards and acolades: Story inspired the puppet show "Apples & Ladders"